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Don’t believe the hype from tricky TV advertising



Man, there is a lot of BS on TV these days!  Have you seen some of the recent advertising nonsense that is out there now days?  Hey, to each their own, I wish every company great success, but not at the cost of other peoples precious time and money. Come on guys, keep it somewhat honest will ya!

The ads sound so friendly and cheerful.  A good looking young American couple in the suburbs with a dog sitting in front of the warm fireplace waging his tail, the smile from ear to ear about how great it was to pay almost nothing to get one room of carpet installed and then by their surprise that little bit of money actually was able to afford them enough carpet for their whole house.  Its a shame that so many people really still do fall for such horrible sales tactics.  But still to this day, even with all of the information on the BBB website and horrible customer feedback on many of the online review sites, people still call the catchy 800 number they see every 30 seconds on TV to set up a FREE “no pressure” in home estimate.  Then the next day, to their surprise a salesperson shows up at their door and tries passing a price of $4,000 to put new carpet in their master bedroom.  When the customer freaks out, the sales guy says, “oh but wait, because of our sale, you can get your other 2 rooms done for FREE!!”  Wow! what a deal that was!  Pay an outlandish price for one room and get two more rooms for FREE!  But let’s explore this a little further.  Even $4,000 for 3 rooms is high, but the perceived value of getting something for so called “FREE” still gets people today despite the better judgment of most people out there.  Surprisingly over 500 people per day across America fall of that trick every single day.

So then you wonder why nobody has gone to the news with this big sham.  After all, it does sound too good to be true doesn’t it?  Well, then you have to take into consideration how the TV networks work and where there revenue comes from.  Television commercials.  I think it is awful that because a few big companies can afford to fork over 100 grand a week to the TV networks that nobody really publicly exposes some of these big guys on TV so that everybody can be aware of some of the scams that a lot of these big carpet stores pull over on people.  I personally don’t see any negative attention being given to the big scammers anytime soon, especially since the scammers are the ones putting the food on the table and paying teh big bucks to the news stations.

And it’s not just the tricky TV ads that make it so bad, its also the little old lady getting hammered by the high pressure carpet salesman telling her that his boss will only give her the deal if she buys now and installs the next day.  Come on! seriously?  I think it is disgusting how so many sales people are blinded by a commission check that they can set aside their morals and just plain rob people legally.  I know I would be pretty angry if some slick talking sales guy came to my grandparents house, showed them a carpet sample that they can get at home depot for $25 per yard and then try hard-balling them into paying almost $45 per yard for the same stuff just because they could put it in the next day.  I also think that most of the sales people who pull that kind of crap would also be pretty upset if someone went to their loved ones house and pulled something similar.  So why on earth would they do that to someone else’s loved ones?  I don’t get it, and to be frank with you, I don’t want to get it.

Because of my experience dealing with a few of the companies out there who practice the slime ball way of doing business like I illustrated above, I decided when I started The Carpet Guys, LLC. that we were going to do things a lot different than a lot of these jerks that get away with what I call “legal theft”.  We too, are a shop at home company, and we also advertise things like, “Save up to 50% on select items.”  The difference is though, that we really do it.  We have several carpets that retail out at many stores for as much as $50 per yard that we can sell in the mid $20′s including the pad and installation.  We do get excellent pricing from our suppliers and since we don’t spend a million dollars a month trying to trick people with TV ads, we save a lot on our over head so we don’t have to figure such high costs into the price of doing business.  This saves our customers a lot of money.

We do not advertise such nonsense as “FREE INSTALLATION” and stuff like that because simply put there is no such thing as FREE INSTALLATION.  What gets me all fired up is the fact that a lot of the big box stores now are advertising that they will only charge $49 to install any carpet in any sized home.  GET REAL!  do you really think any person doing manual labor is going to work for 20 hours and only get paid $49 just because the store is running a sale?  Especially when they have to rip up the old carpet and move all of the furniture as well? NO WAY!  So how do they do it?  Read the small print.  The small stuff they don’t tell you is that the promo is only good if you include buying their padding along with the carpet installation.  And if you look one step further, you will see that they inflated the price of the carpet padding to almost triple the normal price of good carpet padding.  What a scam!  It disgusts me when I see it advertised because anyone with a smudge of common sense would know that if something sounds that good that there has to be a catch somewhere.  It bothers me even more when I see the masses of people who fall for that trick.  Then I tell myself, that if I was only a little better liar or just a bit more shady that I could have all of those money spending customers as well, but I am not even a bit tempted as I do believe in karma.  Maybe I am naive, but i still believe in doing the right things for the right reasons and I will run my company accordingly.  yes we do have the right to make a profit and make a fair amount of money, but we can do it honestly, ethically, and the proper way without having to trick people or take advantage of them by catching them off guard and forcing them into making a fast impulsive decision our our own personal gain.  Pigs get fat, hogs eventually get slaughtered.  So I prefer to run this company with good morals and integrity.  I am not super greedy so I will always make it a point to treat my staff and workers with the highest level of respect and pay them well for the hard work they do, and at the same time I will encourage them to treat their customers with the same kind of respect.  I believe that this is the proper way of running a business. FAIR and HONEST.


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14 Feb 2011

By Joe Zago