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Samsung teases that the 'Next Galaxy' is borderless and metal

by Jon Fingas on

Samsung's teasers for the Galaxy S6 (or whatever it might be named) are getting decidedly less cryptic. The company's latest hype video for the new smartphone promises that "borders will disappear" and "metals will flow"... Read full article

Taking laps with the Thrustmaster T300RS racing wheel

by Timothy J. Seppala on

Let's get this out of the way up front: The market for the Thrustmaster T300RS is incredibly narrow. At $400 (the price of a PlayStation 4!) it's far beyond an impulse buy and demands you're taking every aspect of your living room racing experience V... Read full article

Watch a robot play the violin better than you can

by Jon Fingas on

Wish you hadn't been so quick to give up violin practice as a kid? You may never get to turn back the clock, but retired engineer Seth Goldstein is showing that there's still hope of reliving those musical ambitions through technology.... Read full article

Inhabitat's Week in Green: Solar-powered yachts, windmills and Apple car rumors

by Inhabitat on

Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week's most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us -- it's the Week in Green.... Read full article

The top 10 wearables you can buy right now

by Jon Turi on

This year's CES was awash in wearables and while many of them took the form of wrist-worn fitness trackers and smartwatches, the genre has expanded beyond the basics. ... Read full article

Sony tests the waters for self-driving cars with a small investment

by Jon Fingas on

Apple and Google aren't the only tech giants exploring the brave new world of self-driving cars. Financial Times tipsters report that Sony has invested roughly $842,000 into ZMP, a Japanese autonomous vehicle startup. ... Read full article

Meet Grasp, a wearable that helps instructors micromanage you

by Mariella Moon on

Can you imagine having an instructor who peers over your shoulder all the time while you practice, say, cooking or coding? Awkwaaard.... Read full article

Microsoft will soon help you find friends with Windows phones

by Jon Fingas on

It's fairly easy to locate friends and family if you have an Android or iOS device, but finding your pals with a Windows phone? Not so much,... Read full article

A video game for the socially anxious

by Jessica Conditt on

Italian developers Sebastiano Morando and Francesco Lanciai didn't set out to make a game about social anxiety disorder when they created Sym. That idea spawned from the drawing of a character, a black figure with one eye disintegrating into a stark ... Read full article

'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Cast Announced at Comic-Con


Blood, betrayal and a few more Martells to stir up trouble — Game of Thrones Season 5 promises more drama than a Lannister wedding.... Read full article